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What color is my white hedgehog?

Discussion in 'Hedgehog Colors' started by sapphira80, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. sapphira80

    sapphira80 Guest

    Okay, so this little guy was sold to me as an albino hedgehog, but he has a dark patch of skin with 5-7 dark dark banded spikes growing from the dark patch. The skin looks to me to be gray to dark gray. He has no other dark spots on his body, all other spikes are white, no mask, his eyes are red and his nose is pink.

    I've read the entire hedgehog color chart many times and he doesn't seem to fit in any category. Has anyone seen a hedgehog like him before or know what he would be called?


    P.s. There isn't a dark spot on his head, it's just shadow

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